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"I've changed. I'm happier and I'm better behaved"

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“I want to be at The Spartans Community Football Academy more, I get treated different here – the teachers get to know me better, and I get extra support. At my other school I couldn’t follow instructions, and I got referred here. I think that I’ve changed. I’m happier. Kari (Lead Teacher at the Alternative School) says I am better behaved and I can concentrate more."

Learning new skills

"My favourite thing is cooking, I do a lot of that here, and I even did a whole meal for all the staff. I felt proud when I did that. I also get to play football and I help out at the primary school doing PE for my Sports Leaders. It was good helping out, but it was difficult when they didn’t listen to me! Maybe I will be a PE teacher.”

"Keigan is in his second year at the Alternative School. He's found a passion for cooking and that's given him a lot of confidence. He is learning to listen more and becoming more focused. Last year he completed his Sports Leaders qualification, and we are looking forward to building on that this year."

Kari Spence, Lead Teacher at the Alternative School


We support the learner journey of young people in our community by providing youth work and education support in local schools. We also have an Alternative School based at The Academy where we welcome pupils who find mainstream education a challenge.

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