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The Academy

Since 2008, The Spartans Community Football Academy has been working with the local community and our partners to deliver programmes and initiatives that have a lasting positive social impact in North Edinburgh.

The key aims and objectives of The Spartans Community Football Academy are:

  • To provide new opportunities for more people to participate in sport, physical activity and recreational activities.
  • To provide learning and development opportunities for our staff, volunteers and local community.
  • To have a positive impact on social targets such as health improvement, employment and crime reduction.
  • To help strengthen community cohesion by becoming a focal point for a range of community-based activities and programmes.

Our core values

  • Integrity: We are open, honest, reliable and stay true to our social aims and objectives.
  • Respect for All: We respect each other and everyone we deal with at all times.
  • Customer Excellence: We aim to deliver services and products which make our customers smile and want to tell their friends about us.
  • Honour Uniqueness: We embrace the fact that we are different and have different maps of the world.
  • Innovation: We adopt a 'can do' mindset which actively looks for creative solutions to any opportunities and challenges we face.
Inclusion: We welcome and open our doors to everyone in our community and beyond.